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Daddy to you...bitch's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Daddy to you...bitch

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the worse... [07 Feb 2006|11:52am]
things have taken a turn for the worse. if anyone knows what its like to be at rock bottom right now...its certainly me...ps...skating on hold for a little bit...my shoe comes out next year...i start law school in a month.. and im still completely miserable..
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UM... [05 Jan 2006|06:17am]
3rd place out of 50 other competitors wouldnt seem so bad to anyone, but i put alot of time into practicing and all i got was 3rd and $4000. I am pissed but w/e...at least I can pay rent this month. Fuck my life. I got another comp in a week..ridiculous right? Everynight im driving out to oceanside for the skatepark..i need to get laid. i did on the trip...alot by the ex but haha im an addict. grr..ill post pics soon
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its been a while [27 Dec 2005|02:22am]
i get back the 3rd from the skate comp
ill post pics of me n action
and the ex gf wants to take pics of me fucking her in the ass
so i will post tons of those pics to.
sorry ive been neglecting this..really sorry
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BIG UPDATE TMW [04 Dec 2005|06:54pm]
major news gwtlhdtbgadlbng

*excitement* hhaa
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Havent been around [19 Oct 2005|08:19am]
Just got back from the Kiss Asphault tour which was 5 states, in a matter of two months. I have never done so much skating in my life but it was a fucking amazing experience. I have been neglecting this journal which I will be catching up on. But I just bought a house in the hamptons with Andy Mackrolo, Lauren Tibia, and James Woodland. Its amazing, we all get along so well and things have just been good touring with them. We got a ramp built in our backyard, and we are having rails put in next week so we can practice when we arent touring. I have my own skateshoe now which is going to be in stores by next month. I am just so happy things are going like we all planned them. Im making money, Im skating all the time, Im still horny as fuck but im just having a good time. So for the past two weeks I have been waking up with different things shaved off of me. Im currently eyebrowless and I had chin hair, and half of it got shaved off, i only have on sideburn, so im going to go fix everything. But as you know of course this does mean war, I mean haha Im not going to let them get away with this, I got itching powder, and electric gum ahha...I love living in this house. I will give a bettr update of how amazing the tour was, and any activities that went on. Im to mail some bills out.
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Rockstar life [10 Jul 2005|09:12pm]
We buried Brenden two weeks ago. And I swore I never would go to another funeral after ACE died but Brenden used to be my best fiend. Everyone I knew and everyone in the world basically showed up. Its a shame how two people with an amazing connection lose touch over something so trivial. So when it came time to head to the gravesite for the burial. I entered the limosuine to see non other than Veronica. Veronica, the ex girlfriend who cheated on me with Brenden, ending my relationship with her and my friendship with him. We just stared at each other. And she whispered the words Im sorry, and I just looked away. She took everything from me, this kid was a major part of my life. This is mainly why I trust no one.

After that I realized I needed to get out of new york. I drove to CT and went back to where the old cabin was. It was good to just relax and get away from everyone. Tree climbing, rafting, alcohol...all to myself.

The next day I decided to head back to new york and I was laying down when I got a surprising call. Jessica called and told me that she broke up with her ex. And she really needed someone to be there with her. I purchased my plane tickt an hour after that and went to the city. I skated a little bit and just hung out for a while. The next day I went to JFK airport and got on a plane for california. She picked me up and I gave her the biggest hug ever. I spent 3 days with her just crying and talk about everything. And its just good to have a girl you dont want to fuck but you could. It was nice, I enjoyed our time together.

I decided to come home. And then I ended up having to go back to the city for a business meeting with the executives of volcom skates. They were showing me different shoe designs for my skate shoes that are coming out in about a year. I picked up a check from the dealers and then I headed to the store in amityville to work on some bikes that needed to be fixed up.

Thats pretty much how things have been going. Lots of alcohol, skateboarding, and trips. I have to much money and dont know what to do with it. I think im going to go to the city tonight and buy some lapdances...cause long island girls suck at giving them.
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we cant fight for this anymore.. [21 Jun 2005|08:17am]
friends are dying, friends are on their way to death...I dont know what to do.. I dont have anyone there for me anymore...im about to just give up.
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oh fuking man [15 Jun 2005|10:47am]
the trip was insane, i got hundreds of pics...my birthday party was insane...ill have to make a big update....

I GOT A FUCKING 10/10 FOR THE REVERSE SUPERMAN hahah holy shit...I almost fucking broke my back but it was so fucking sweet haha..
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TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY [09 Jun 2005|10:19am]
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my bday is tomiorrow [08 Jun 2005|11:35am]
who wants to fuck me for my birthday?
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...My god [08 Jun 2005|02:56am]
Im going to jail one day. I swear to god I am. Like I mean for a long time haha, I got quite the fucking temper I realized. My birthday is in a day.....Im not looking forward to it. Ugh idk...I need to go skating tonight. Like late night when theres no noise...well see..I still gotta update...on the past happening.
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Bringer of doom [06 Jun 2005|11:58am]
I swear to god new york drivers are idiots. This guy cut me off when I was in the car with Jim riot today and then had the nerve to yell at me and flip me off. So we sped up and got in front of him and stopped the car. Jim got out and beat the SHIT out of this fucking guy. I was laughing my ass off. Honestly I fucking hate new york drivers...LEARN HOW TO SINGLE DICKHEADS...I know im the best driver in new york and not everyone can be like me but DAYUM...put on a fucking single. Man someones getting knocked out this week. My birthday is June 9th. Interesting. Lady friend...aka ex gf is coming over. Well im picking her up. Its so hott out. And im just angry...angry sex..haha
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To make this short [06 Jun 2005|02:21am]
After a busy day of skating we do as the romans do. We do shots at the bar. So I was on my way to getting hammered and hanging out with the boys. And this guy is getting rowdy with his girlfriend. Now normally I wouldnt care, but then he started grabbing her up. And I stood up and my friends looked on and he looked at me and i simpyl said...leave the girl alone. And hes like whatever. So they stop, about an hour lately Im completely out of my mind drunk. Now they started arguing and he SMACKS HER. So I walked up to him, smashed my glass over his face then proceeded to remove his face with my skateboard, which basically broke. The cops came...and I got arrested..
im tired...ill tell the rest later
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The world has been ending... [05 Jun 2005|07:29pm]
This week has been nothing but horrible. I have never experienced so many incidents which are just really unfortunate. My ex gf hates me, My friend emily hates me. I got arrested. One of the red barons is dead. The rest of them are arrested. The trip to texas is moved to next week rather than this upcoming week. The party last night was horrible, so many fights. Ive been in ohio, new jersey, and ct in the past two days. My board is broken. omfg...I just need sleep. I will explain all later.
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Early bird gets the worm [03 Jun 2005|08:20am]
So yeah, Im about to shower and get dressed. Busy skate day ahead of me..um skating with the red barons in uniondale, then in levittown, and then baldwin skate park and then new hyde park. I love these fucking kids, they called and woke me up cause they got nothing to do today. Well neither do I. Only thing I have to worry about is that trip to texas. Which is going to be a 2 day trip aint bad at all. My top teeth are hurting, I have perfect teeth well have had them all my life. I hope nothings wrong. Hang out with my soulmate tonight? Hopefully hes in a good mood, me n him work off each other and I really need some cheeering up.
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Intense [02 Jun 2005|11:58pm]
Three of the red baron boys got arrested...haha. Tonight was fucking nuts...we were grinding and pulling tricks off everything from rails, people to even police cars(the reason for the arrest). Me and the boys took our hats off to all 7 of the red baron boys cause they are equally as nuts as us. Oh ha emilys dad was behind her when i told her how horny i was, and he just laughed.. I meet her dad on saturday when I chill at her house. This should be fun. I was riding this bench in central park and I landed on a garbage can...my knee is killing me. So im going to ice it and hopefully tomorrow ill be alright. Another day of riding
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Being productive [02 Jun 2005|01:04pm]
I look at my best friend, no jobs, wakes up everyday and wants to kill himself and just totally depressed. And I dont want to be like that or feel like that one day. And I guess thats the only thing I do fear, that ill fall into that mentality of giving up. Cause I dont give up on things, he told me he wasnt going to take his life but if something did happen he wouldnt care. It disturbs me, and I dont like it and its been this way for years with me and him. But...I have faith things will look up. I just need a pick me up. I skipped working out today cause I slept in which I never do. So Im going to do that now. And then maybe take some pictures. I want to see this girl..well call her sarah this week...but she is megabusy with birthday parties and whatnot...but I do get to see um...amy this week. Well hopefully I do. Its not even a sex thing...its just I need good company and good conversation. I will probably update this lik 10 more times today be prepared.
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...holy shit [02 Jun 2005|12:34pm]
ugh maybe shes right...maybe i should get a "real" job
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hmm out of here [02 Jun 2005|12:25pm]
i dont know if i can take this...i need to get my ass out of here...tonight upstate? im so torn right now, i fell asleep on my roof this morning and almost rolled the fuck off. hmm there are never any nice girls are there, they all lead you on and let you think you have a chance.i should go boarding tonight in the city with the Red baron kids...hmm birthday is real soon...i doubt itll be anything special..i suck. later
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joint journals..and fantasys [01 Jun 2005|11:52pm]
so the boy went fighting tonight with some kids haha...hes older than me and hes a menace to society..i love him to death though. i went out boarding cause its been a while and my skills still hold up which is a relief. hey asakitty...cheer up babe..things will get better.

i layed on my roof ALL day thinking about my life and this next big paycheck...i wanna do something special with the money...hmm charity? ha idk church is always asking for money..

um..maybe ill put it towards a tat or some piercings.

no plans for the week which suck..

ive been having these fantasys about tying a girl up and face fucking her till my dick explodes down her throat and then me whiping the cum leaking from my dick all over her face...ugh...its been to long...saturday was just a tease. i need a real woman, and i need to wash some clothes..hmm priorities..
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